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Custom Interior Design and Build

We offer turn key solutions for your property. Partnering with best interior designers and craftsmen, gives us an opportunity to satisfy the most demanding taste and turn any project into a work of art. Our custom millwork and stonework departments will fabricate and install anything you can think of.


Architectural Millwork, Custom Furniture and Finishes

Commercial or residential project of any difficulty, we got You covered. Engineers and architects are here to address any technical issue, and designers will take care of all your visual goals and concerns. Our reward winning finishers will do their best to make Your dream design come true. Ask us about Faux design and effects, architectural millwork and custom furniture.

Concrete Restoration and Finishing

With over 20 years of combined concrete finishing and restoration experience, we proudly take on projects of any volume and difficulty. Services include but not limited to: structural steel and concrete restoration and finishing, EIFS systems, caulking and coatings, expansion joints, waterproofing and railing.

General Contractor Services

51st State Construction is fully licensed and insured Florida General Contractor with wide range of services. Our main specialties are custom interior finishes and millwork and concrete restoration and finishing. We also offer construction management and consulting services.

We DO NOT provide any emergency services or Fire-Water-Mold damage restoration services.


Here at 51st State Construction we gathered a team of young, driven professionals, that strive to bring construction industry to a different level. We are bringing new concepts to the table, yet we respect and base our relations with our Customers on classic and traditional way of doing business. Whether you know what you would like to do with your home, office, investment property or commercial space, or you would like to hear from specialist, we are here to accommodate. 51st State is partnered with best in the industry sub contractors, designers, architects and engineers and keeps looking for new opportunities to bring wider range of services to our customers and raise standards with every project.



"The Regal Style"

 These projects don't need introduction, neither do they need explanation. Just enjoy the masterpieces done by our lead finish artists and decorators, Slava Mayorov's team. It's all about this craft being their passion, their life in a way. If they had different attitude, if it all was just about getting the job "done" and move on - you wouldn't appreciate what you'd see on the pictures. The Regal style is never out of fashion and is always a sign of an exquisite taste and class. 


 With Regal style being a well established and desired all over the world, to underline the luxuriance of design, material and craftsmanship, the bounds of this style are well marked and held to a highest standard. Yet world is always up for a change, new step, new challenge. And 

Modern style in design and decor is really boundless and the abilities are truly immense. Every day is a different day, every page is a new page, there is a non stop challenge to try something new, adopt truly different ways of visualizing and presentation of ideas. We are moving along with the progress and are always up for a new challenging project that designers create and owners dream about.

"Architectural Millwork and Custom Furniture"

 You dream it - we build it. No-one will argue the fact, that nothing brings more richness and warming comfort to your home, like real wood does. One of the finest and unique crafts - woodworking. The most time consuming, mathematically complex and requires the highest skillset out there - all this is custom woodwork, where every 1/32" counts, to be worth calling custom. Photos speak for themselves, just enjoy the true art of creating these unique masterpieces.

"hospitality and commercial"

 Complete build out of commercial space, or just interior finishing, we honor an opportunity to earn your business. From standartized chain fit outs to custom interiors, architectural millwork, faux finishes or any other material that will make your business stand out, we can help. From architectural drawings, to production, installation and finishing, 51st State Construction takes pride and goes an extra mile in each step of the process to show that customer is always a number one priority.



For any inquiries, questions or recommendations, please call: 561-985-2484 or fill out the following form

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Mailing Address

PO BOX 220594

Tel: (561) 985-2484


To become a subcontractor please send your portfolio and contact info along with active business license and workers comp/liability insurance to with "Sub Application" in subject line.

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